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HEIGHT:  ???

WEIGHT:  ???

HOMETOWN:  Bridgeport, OH

PRO DEBUT:  2002

TITLES HELD:  Owner/Promoter of LXW.

BIO:    Big Dawg is the proud owner and promoter of LXW .  He's helped bring the Ohio Valley a surge in independent wrestling while the WWE doesn't tour the Ohio Valley often or have become too expensive.  Big Dawg has brought in some star power for the fans, such as former WWWF/NWA/WCW/AWA wrestler and current NWA-TNA personality Larry Zybysko, NWA-TNA's Original Sinn, WCW/OVW/NWA-TNA's David Flair, ECW/XPW's New Jack (pictured above with Big Dawg to the left), WWF's Doink the Clown, current WWE wrestlers Gangrel and Viscera, WCW/WWF's "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, and WWF/NWA's Tony Atlas.

In addition to providing national starpower for the fans, Big Dawg has put himself together quite a promotion.  LXW will hold many shows throughout the valley.