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HEIGHT:  6'2"

WEIGHT:  234 lbs

HOMETOWN:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PRO DEBUT:  2000


XWF INC. APPEARANCES:  Over the Edge 2004 1-24-04 and the March 20th, 2004 event.

BIO:   While Original Sinn is still new to the professional wrestling business, he quickly achieved fame through independents and was a regular wrestler of NWA-TNA for a while.  Sinn was trained by Ron Hutchinson with the assistance of Edge, Christian, and Joe E. Legend!  

Sinn has appeared for XWF Inc. on several occasions and has had the pleasure of fighting for several XWF Inc. titles. 

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(Partial Credit to Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "2004 Wrestling Almanac and Book of Facts, 9th Edition" and Original Sinn's website,